This was a big, BIG week for the kids and coaches of the BCC Tennis Academy. The bulldozers came in and the work on the BCC Tennis Center began! For the past several years we’ve been traveling to the OKC Tennis Center and The Kickingbird Tennis Center on Sundays for our Sunday “Fun Day” tennis. We are so grateful for our friends, Steve Henry and David Minihan, for all of their help in providing us a place to play tennis on Sundays.

For the past year our leaders have been asking if it was possible to have our own tennis center, our own training facility for the kids of the BCCTA. Our leaders made the commitment to try and make it happen and our supporters responded with such amazing generosity! Once the BCCTA Tennis Center is completed it will be paid for in full. Praise God!

Not only will we no longer have to travel to play on Sundays, but our older kids will be able to train throughout the week at our own training facility. In addition to these wonderful blessings we plan on creating new opportunities for those in our community to learn to play the wonderful game of tennis.

Once the courts are completed you will all be invited to the dedication of our new training facility. It will be an afternoon of great celebration and humble gratitude for the grace of our God and the generosity of His people. Love God. Make Friends. Play Tennis!

The Work Has Begun!
BCCTA Tennis Center Coming Soon