At the BCC Tennis Academy, “What we do” is love kids through the great sport of tennis. We use tennis as a vehicle to share the love of God with each of our kids. What began as an outreach ministry for the kids of our community has become a multi-faceted tennis ministry which is producing great tennis players and even more outstanding kids.

What began as an outreach to a few kids has developed into more 60 kids who are actively involved in our program on a weekly basis. In 2016, we removed the gym floor and installed a tennis surface so our kids and coaches can have year-round access to a court.

In 2013, we held our first BCCTA Summer Tennis Camp with 30 kids in attendance. In 2017, BCCTA hosted our 5th camp at Heritage Hall maxed out with more than 60 kids a day at camp.

At Camp and throughout the year, we have volunteers who keep returning to help coach our kids. It’s truly amazing! Our courts are led by State Champions, collegiate players, National Champions like Spencer Papa and Big 12 Coach of the Year -Mark Johnson, as well as many Oklahoma Tennis Hall of Famers. Our kids are truly being coached by the best of the best.

Throughout the year, these 60 players continue playing tennis. We have 14 players at the Greens Country Club participating in drills throughout the week and playing in tournaments. We also have a city wide champion 10U Orange Ball team, the Cheetahs, led by Coach Brad Lund. Under the leadership of Coach Steve Porter and his wonderful volunteers we have a strong Hispanic outreach program called BCC Los Gatos Tennis and Reading Club. Los Gatos is designed for kids who come from homes where English is not spoken. These kids typically fall behind in their reading levels and in their classwork. Through the volunteers at Los Gatos our kid’s reading levels are on the rise. Along with these wonderful opportunities, the BCCTA sponsors tennis at our neighborhood school, Britton Elementary.

Our mission: LOVE. Love God. Make friends. Play tennis! We love what we get to do. We strive to change each child’s life one child at a time through a relationship with God and the great sport of tennis.