It has become the highlight of the year for the kids and coaches of the BCC Tennis Academy! Our BCC Summer Tennis Camp is just around the corner and we are so excited! We’ll meet at the Heritage Hall High School tennis courts from 9-Noon each day, beginning Wednesday, June 12 and will continuing each day through Saturday, June 15. The kids will have tons of fun and be coached by some of the best high school and college tennis players and coaches in the state.

Camp registration is closed with 70 kids signed-up to attend. What can those who are first time campers expect? Great question!

  • Expect to have fun! We work hard, but the hard work is fun because of our incredible coaches.
  • Expect to be a better tennis player on Saturday than you were on Wednesday. You will be amazed at the progress you will make if you show up each day of camp and listen to your coaches.
  • Expect to hear from some great speakers who will talk about what they have learned on the court as well as in life.
  • Expect to learn how to apply great truths from the Bible to your every day life, both on the court and off.
  • Expect to bring your whole family with you on Saturday morning for our awards ceremony and tennis demonstration. Don’t forget to bring your camera! It is so much fun to have family members come out to see what you’ve been doing at camp!

What should you bring with you to camp?

  • Wear court shoes and light clothing as it will be warm.
  • You can bring a water bottle, but we will have lots of water on every court and take plenty of water breaks.
  • If you have a tennis racquet you are welcome to bring it. If not, we’ll have plenty of racquets for you to use.
  • Should you bring food or snacks? Nope. We’ll have lunch together at the end of camp every day. You do want to eat breakfast before you arrive.
BCC Summer Tennis Camp!
Coming June 12-15