For four days kids filled the courts at The Betsy Braver Tennis Complex at Heritage Hall High School. Some learned how to hold a racquet for the very first time. Others worked on their serves, swing volleys, or how to manage a point in the midst of a tight match. There was lots of tennis being played by all of our kids, from our 5 year old Cubs to are most advanced players on court 1.

There was also much more than tennis taking place at the BCC Tennis Camp. Our coaches and Jessica Reineke, our Executive Director, were busy using tennis to teach kids about life and faith. What a great tool tennis can be in the hands of a coach who understands that as tough as mastering a new skill can be, or as tough as some matches can be, life is harder still. In tennis we need a great coach we are willing to listen and then lots of practice if we want to develop as tennis player. And so it is in life. We want to teach our players that they need to listen to the One who knows more about life than all of us combined. God’s Word, the Bible, is full of instruction about every aspect of life and is relevant and applicable for the young and old alike. It is so exciting to be able to use tennis as a tool to teach the most important lessons in life to our players.


It’s More Than Tennis…
BCC Tennis Camp 2019